Custom Work - Carved to Order!

  Call 727-789-2317 or email to plan your custom sign!  
 We'll render a 3D preview to help visualize and plan your project. Say you decide you'd like a sign that says 'Home Sweet Home'. We'll create the sign in our CAD ( Computer Aided Design ) software and render a preview of what it will look like...
Including demonstrating different colors and/or fonts it could be created with.


We can  carve a sign with pretty much any text you like, the only constraint being how much text will fit. Take a look at those in our store for an idea of what is possible. Our standard signs are 3.5 inches tall and 24 inches wide, and have two keyholes in the back for hanging. Other sizes can be done, graphics can be added, and other colors are all possible at additional cost. Call or email to discuss details and for a free quote / consultation.
Standard Board Colors are...
    Black with Natural Wood text
    Red with Natural Wood text
    Green with Natural Wood text
    Dark Blue with Natural Wood text
    Light Blue with Natural Wood text
    Grey with Natural Wood text
    Brown with Natual Wood text
    Orange with Natual Wood text
    Purple with Natural Wood text
    Tan with Brown text
    Yellow with Black text
    Yellow with Red text
    Natural Wood board with Black text
    Natural Wood board with Blue text
    Natural Wood board with Red text
    This sample rendering shows the 5 fonts we recommend for your carved sign. Experience has shown that these fonts work well for this type of carving. Please note that the Harrington font should be limited to 'shorter' expressions that fit easily on one line of text. The Harrington font does not work well when small as in a two line of text sign.
    We can add a graphic element too. Call or email with you to let us know what you are interested in and we can give you a qoute and simulated rendering. A simple stylized graphic works best and we are experienced in what type art translates well.


    We'd be happy to talk to you about what we can do!